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Beyond the Border
Douzo gives you everything you want.
What is Douzo?
Douzo, the new marketplace where you can get Japanese items without leaving Thailand.
We make you directly access to our certificated buyers network.
Let’s ask anything about Japanese item for free!
We will check it immediately for you, and you can decide to buy only item you want. Consultation is free of charge.
Have you ever had these experiences?
Want items not selling in Thailand.
Want limited items in Japan.
Want to know the item price in Japan.
Asking for purchasing Japanese items to buyers.
We welcome you and will do our best
to meet your requests.
Can ask anything to certificated buyers for free
Can know the trends and popular items in Japan.
Can buy any items in Japan
(limited items are also accepted.)
Certificated buyers network.
Douzo Buyers have rich experience and expert knowledge to support shopping all types of products.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
100% Deal closing / 100% Genuine items / 100% Safety
Clear & Secure Payments.
Deposit-Refund System (Escrow) / DIsclosure of cost breakdown
Are you interested in Douzo?

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Toru Ueda (Tony)
Founder & CEO

"The World can be Borderless"
Douzo was established in 2019 with the idea of Tony (Facebook link) , founder & CEO of Douzo. Having the experience of living in four countries, Tony realized that there is a big wall in the world. The items that people can easily buy in a country, but in other countries, some are not sold, or sold for a high price. The item is different if country, distribution, supply and demand are different, that might be natural. But it's not the right world and it might be good if the world people can easily get anything anywhere at anytime is created, by thinking of these things, "Douzo" is started.
Transform Shopping and Travel
to be more Free and Borderless.
Our website and application are under construction. (Beta version has closed in the end of July.) Please contact us on Facebook message to inquire about items price in Japan, or with any other questions that you may have. Thai language is available.
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