Terms of Use


Article 1 (about do-so)

• These terms are for internet(including smartphone and tablet apps(referred to as “do-so apps”)) service provided by do-so Inc. (referred to as “the Company”) which is applicable to the use of “do-so” service(referred to as the “Service”). The service provides an opportunity for transactions related to purchase of goods between members(referred to as “Purchase requests”).
The contents and functions of this service are to be added or modified as needed at the discretion of the Company, and this may be revised accordingly, or individual regulations etc. may be enacted.
• Anyone who is going to become a member (a person who has agreed to the Terms, has registered as a member in order to use the Service, and is an individual or corporation for which the Company has approved the membership registration), must recognize that the Service provides places and opportunities for transactions such as purchase requests between members, and shall confirm that we do not conduct transactions on our own nor do we accept consignment of transactions.
• Among the members, individuals and corporations that satisfy the conditions stipulated by our Company and have registered for certification as prescribed by us, and whose certification has been approved by the Company for certification membership, are called certificated members.
• When the Company has established a manual or policy for this service, members shall comply with it.

Article 2(Member registration)

1. Any individual who intend to become a member or a certified member shall register in the manner prescribed by the Company.
2. If the Company approves the membership registration described in the previous paragraph, the Company's system (referred to as the “do-so system”) will open a member’s account.
3. If we approve the certified member registration, we will apply the function as a certified account to the member account of our system according to our prescribed method.
4. We have a right not to approve member or certified member registration at our discretion, and we are not obliged to give explanation nor do we have other obligation or responsibility for the person who made member registration.
5. A member must strictly control his/her e-mail address, password, etc. (referred to as "account information") entered at the time of member registration, and does not have the legal authority to access a third party or other member account. Members shall not be allowed to use his/her account, and shall be responsible for preventing plagiarism and other unauthorized use.
6. In order for a minor to become a member, he / she must obtain comprehensive consent from his/her parent authority in advance, about becoming a member, to use the Service in accordance with the Terms, and to carry out any purchase disposition etc.. The minor agrees beforehand that the Company may contact the custodial authority to confirm their consent. Minors are not allowed to become certified members.
7. A member may not have more than one member account.
8. Once we receive a valid username and password and confirmed a login to our service, any transactions made within the period from login until logout will be considered as valid and legitimate one. We are not liable for any damages caused by unauthorized use or other accidents. In addition, if any damage is caused to our company by the unauthorized use of account information, the member shall compensate for the damage.
9. Some functions of this service can be used without membership registration. However, even if the user of this service has not registered as a member, when using the function of this service, he / she must comply with the conditions of use of this service, and for the user concerned Other rules defined by our company shall apply in accordance with the members.

Article 3(Change in registered information)

1. Members and certified members shall notify the Company in accordance with the Company's prescribed procedures when there is a change in the payee or other registration items specified by the Company.
2. If there is a change in the registration items described in the previous paragraph but the member has not notified the Company, we will treat it as if the registration items have not changed.
3. The Company shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the member not giving notice in paragraph 1.

Article 4(do-so system)

We shall be free to change the specifications of hardware, software and databases that make up do-so system, and websites and application screens and other screens displayed by our system at our discretion. .

Article 5(Temporary disruption in our service)

• If we need to ensure the security of our members, deal with operation trouble of the service, or in any other need at the discretion of the Company, the provision of all or part of the Service may be suspended for a certain period of time without notifying the members in advance.
• Natural disasters, wars, civil unrest, the abolition and establishment of laws and regulations (including those established by countries or regions Japan and others. The same shall apply hereinafter. The Company shall not be liable in any way even in the event of insolvency or delay.
• 2. Also in the case of paragraph 1, the Company shall not be liable to the members for damages.

Article 6(Unsubscribe)

1. Members shall be able to unsubscribe from the members of this service following the procedures prescribed by the Company. However, at the time of withdrawal procedure, if there are uncompleted transaction procedures such as transaction settlement and mailing of goods, members are not able to withdraw from our service.
2. At the time when the Company acknowledges withdrawal and the member withdraws, money, etc. of the product price, etc., to be paid to the member shall be treated as invalid according to the judgment of the Company, and shall not be returned to the member.
3. The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused by the measures set forth in the preceding paragraph.

Article 7(Prohibited behavior)

Members shall not perform the act corresponding to each of the following or act likely to cause the following;
(1) Acts that violate the law or this term and the special agreement, guidelines, manuals, etc. established in accompaniment to the agreement (collectively referred to as "the agreement etc.")
(2) Act against public order and morals
(3) Act of accepting the purchase of a product even though there is no intention of the purchase
(4) Act of using this service for the purpose of cash remittance without actually trading products. Other acts that we judge as aiming to cash out credit card.
(5) Acts of deception to other members' judgments or acts of imposing other members.
(6) Act that does not clarify the item of purchase request.
(7) Act that do not give enough information about the product you are requesting to purchase.
(8) The act of posting an image or word that is not directly related to the product for which the purchase request is made in the product title or description.
(9) Acts that infringe property rights (including intellectual property rights), portrait rights, honor, privacy and other rights of the Company or third parties.
(10) Act of using this service for the purpose of relationship with others.
(11) An act requiring a notification to a regulatory agency, etc. based on laws and ordinances, permission approval, etc. by the member himself or herself in connection with the use of the service by the member.
(12) An act of uploading a content (in or out of our service) that causes a product or service to be mistaken as significantly superior or advantageous over the actual content.
(13) An act that lowers the social evaluation of our company or products or services provided by our company.
(14) Acts that interfere with the normal provision or operation of this service
(15) Unauthorized access, transmission of harmful computer programs, etc., and other acts that interfere with the normal operation of our system
(16) The act of soliciting buyers not to deal with our service
(17) Act of impersonating another person or company or other organization
(18) Act of using this service by using the qualifications of other members.
(19) Commercial advertising, acts for advertising purposes
(20) An act of putting on the website of the website a link to the website that may damage the reputation of the company or the service or any website that the company deems inappropriate at its discretion.
(21) Any acts concerning election campaign.
(22) Any acts related to money laundering.
(23) An act that issues a request based on the commodity price or service request price that is significantly different from the normal economic value.
(24) Acts deviated from the purpose of providing this service.
(25) Act to induce not to use this service.
(26) In addition to the provisions in the preceding items, acts that the Company deems inappropriate in its own judgment, and acts deems that it deviates from the management policy of the Service

Article 8(Banning from our service and canceling subscription)

1. The Company may suspend the use of all or part of the Service for the Member without any notice if the Member falls under any of the following events, or deletes the Member Account of the Member and may revoke members’ eligibility to use the service. In this case, the Company shall not be obliged to explain any reason. In addition, when membership is revoked, qualification as certified member shall also be revoked automatically.
(1) When a member violated our terms
(2) When a member violates the law concerning organized crime and regulation of criminal income, etc. or related laws and regulations or when the member tries to carry out an action to violate these laws.
(3) When the information registered by the member happens to be false.
(4) When the information registered by the member overlaps with the existing registration.
(5) When there is an input error more than a fixed number of times determined by our company regarding the password input
(6) When there is no login more than a fixed number of times within a fixed period prescribed by our company
(7) When the Member received petition for seizure, temporary seizure or other forced enforcement, forced auction or non-payment disposition
(8) When the Member receives a petition for bankruptcy, civil rehabilitation, corporate reorganization or special liquidation
(9) When disbanded or when business was suspended
(10) When a payment business partner requests to suspend a member from use of this service, or a measure is taken to stop the provision of settlement service to the member
(12) When we lost contact with the Member
(13) When a Buyer(members who requests a purchase) files many complaints to a Traveler(certified member who accepts a purchase request and carries an item) or vice versa.
(14) When the Member did not respond to the Company's request for identity verification based on the Terms, with in the time specified by the Company or until a reasonable period of time has elapsed.
(15) In addition to the preceding items, when it is determined that maintaining a relationship of trust with members is difficult when substantial events that make it difficult to continue business with members arise.
2. In the event that a member falls under any of the events in the preceding paragraphs, the member will, of course, lose any timely benefit of any obligation to the Company.
3. If the Company finds out or suspect that a Member violates any of the above, the Company may suspend or cancel any payment, deal, reservation made by the Member.
4. The measures set forth in this Article shall not preclude claims for damages to our members.
5. The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred to the Member by the measures set forth in this Article, and shall not pay any additional money regardless of interest or nomenclature even if payment is retained.

Article 9(Exclusion of Anti-Social Forces)

(1) Members shall affirm that the Member him/herself, or anyone related to him/her is not a member of anti-social community, such as gangster, and promise that him/her would not participate in any gang related activity in the future.
2. The member shall affirm that he / she does not perform any of the following actions using the third party.
(1) Violent acts of demand
(2) Unreasonable demand behavior beyond legal liability
(3) Acting in a threatening manner or using violence in connection with transactions
(4) Acts to disseminate reputations, use false gauges, or use power to damage our reputation or otherwise disrupt our business
(5) Other acts in accordance with the preceding items3.
4. If we decide that the member has made a false declaration regarding the representations and warranties in paragraph 1 or violated the affirmations in the previous paragraphs, we may suspend members account without any notice.

Article 10(End of service)

Article 11(Disputes between Menbers)

1. We may terminate and / or change all or part of this service at any time without prior notice to our members at our discretion.
2. The Company shall not be liable to members or third parties for damages resulting from the termination or modification of the Service described in the preceding paragraph.

Article 11(dispute between Members)

1.Unless specified otherwise by the Company, the Company shall not be a party, an agent or a person in connection with the conduct of members who use the Service.
2. Unless the Company explicitly defines otherwise or the Company stands blameworthy, in the event of a dispute with another member etc., all matters shall be resolved at the member's responsibility and burden. In addition, if the Company is forced to spend on the dispute (including but not limited to attorneys' fees) for the dispute, the members shall pay the entire amount to the Company.

Article 12(Change to this Terms)

The Company may change the Terms, etc. at any time without notifying members in advance. If we have any significant change in our Terms, etc., we will notify the members by e-mail in advance or post them on our website.


Article 13(General definition of do-so platform)

The do-so platform is a function as a platform for the Buyer to request the Traveler to purchase and transport the goods and for the traveler to accept the request for agent purchase, etc. according to the method specified in this chapter.

Article 14(Requesting an item)

1. The buyer shall make a purchase request by registering the company's prescribed information (referred to as "product information") on the product which makes a request for this service using the purchase agency function according to the company's prescribed method. The buyer may not cancel the request after the traveler has made a purchase application.
2. When a Buyer makes a purchase request for a product, the purchaser shall register the product information specified in the preceding paragraph by designating the category corresponding to the corresponding product among the categories specified below for the product requested by the Buyer.
Item name
3. The Buyer shall agree in advance that it can not request products that fall under the Prohibited Products Listed on the Prohibited Products List Page (referred to as “Prohibited Products, etc.”). Also, if Buyer requests a product that falls under the Prohibited Products, etc., regardless of the buyer's intention or negligence, it is considered as a violation of the Terms.
4. Buyer shall not submit a request for purchase of a prohibited or restricted item in the Buyer's country of residence. In addition, the buyer shall not post images and the like that are not related to the requested product as the product information.
5. If the product information includes the subject matter of the copyright or other rights of the third party, the purchaser must make sure the rightsholder has agreed to do so.
6. Buyer shall not submit a purchase request for a product that is not marketed in the country where the purchase request is sent.
7. The terms and conditions shall prevail between the traveler, the buyer and the company regardless of the purchaser's and the traveler's contract outside the service.

Article 15

1. The buyer shall apply for purchase (purchasing the purchase button on the website displayed by our system, tap, click, or other prescribed action of our company) with the intention of the purchase in accordance with the method prescribed by our company. The buyer shall not be able to make an application for purchase without intention to purchase, an application for the purchase of a product intended for profit such as resale, etc. In addition, the purchaser shall select the payment method to be used from among the methods listed below at the time of application for purchase. However, the payment methods that can be selected may be limited depending on the product and sales format.
(1) Using credit card
(2) any other payment service we provide
(3) Using points we provide
2. The traveler shall not be able to purchase his / her request.


Article16 (Accepting a deal)

1. Certified Members can accept the purchase offer from a Buyer as a Traveller.
2. The traveler is required to comply with any existing legal limitations.
3. The contract signed by the traveler with the purchaser is a contract that purports that the traveler will purchase the product requested by the Buyer, and that the product be delivered to the Buyer. Products are to be newly purchased, and it is not allowed to provide the products that the traveler already possesses.

Article17(Obligation to purchase the item as an agent)

1. The traveler is responsible for purchasing the product requested by the buyer prior to delivery of the product.

Article18(Obligation to Deliver the item)

1. The traveler is responsible for transporting the product requested by the buyer under his own responsibility and delivering it to the buyer.

SECTION 4 Deals between Buyer and Traveler

Article19 (Making a deal)

1. When the Buyer has completed his purchase request, contract has ben concluded between the Buyer and the Traveler. When the deal has been made, Buyer shall pay for the item price prior to the delivery.
2. After the Traveler has received an payment notification, Traveler will deliver the item to the Buyer. Any delivery fees should be included in the item price.
3. After delivering an item, Traveler will send a delivery notification through our system, and the notification will be sent to the Buyer without delay. If the Buyer claims he/she has not received the item, Buyer must notify the Company through do-so system.

Article20(Cancelling a deal)

1. If Buyer and the Traveler both agrees to cancel a deal, Traveler can cancel the deal through do-so system.
2. When Traveler cancels a deal, payment will be refunded to the Buyer.


1. Members shall pay or settle payment for products traded through the Service in accordance with the Company's prescribed method through the Service.
2. The traveler consigns the company to store the price of the traveler's product from the purchaser on behalf of the traveler, and the company shall accept it.

Article22(Service fees)

1. The buyer and the traveler will pay a fee for using the service, which is defined by the Company under this agreement or separately specified on the web page etc, when a proxy purchase contract etc. for the requested product is established. The fee for each item is displayed when the traveler agrees to the agency request when the buyer sets the request price.
2. The fee for use of the Service shall be paid by a method deducted from the product price, and the traveler may receive or pay by the method by which the Company deducts the Service fees from the product price or other method determined by the Company at discretion.

SECTION 4 Miscellaneous


• The Company may grant members points available only within the Service, by participating in various campaigns in the Service and by other methods designated by the Company separately. The detailed terms and conditions for awarding points will be separately determined by the Company and displayed to members.
• Regardless of the reason, if a member withdraws based on the Terms of Use or loses the qualification as a member, all points owned by the member will be revoked and can not be used thereafter.

Article24(Credit card being denied)

• If the payment is denied by the credit card company, the Company is able to cancel any deals that is being made.


• Members shall be responsible for the collection and payment of all taxes incurred in connection with the sale of products performed using the Service between the parties.
• If the Company is obliged to make a legal payment for the tax set forth in the preceding paragraph, the Member shall pay the Company the amount paid by the Company.

Article26(suspending from our service)

• The company can suspend or terminate any use of our service, when we discrete any acts violating terms above.
• In the case of the preceding paragraph, members shall promptly take improvement measures in accordance with the Company's instructions.
• The measures under this Article shall not prevent the cancellation of membership under Article 8.

Article27(intellectual property rights)

• The copyright, patent right, utility model right, intellectual property right such as trademark right, and all other rights in the text, illustrations, photos, moving pictures, programs and all other contents of this service are set forth in Sections 2 and 3. Except for those specified in paragraph, the company belongs to the company. Members shall not be permitted to copy, modify, transmit to the public, sell or otherwise use the materials, except with the prior written consent of the Company.
• The intellectual property rights such as the copyright of the texts or photos created by the members on this service shall belong to the members themselves. Provided, however, that the Member grants to the Company, regarding such rights, for the purpose of promotion or commercial use of the Company, the second use, such as free editing or use free of charge, without restriction of region or period will do. In addition, members shall not exercise the author's moral right with respect to the use of the Company regarding the content modification or publication by the Company.
• As a general principle, the content posted by the member in this service is limited to the content to which the member has intellectual property rights and all other rights. If a member wishes to post content that includes the rights of a third party other than himself, he or she must obtain the consent of all rights holders, including the copyright holder of the content, for the content of the Terms and such posting. We shall post only the content for which we have obtained the consent.
• If a member violates the preceding paragraph and a problem occurs with the Company, another member, etc. or a third party, the member shall solve the trouble at his own expense and responsibility, and cause any trouble to the Company. It shall not be applied.

Article28(Privacy policy)

• Our company handles personal information etc. in accordance with the privacy policy.
• Before using the Service, members must confirm the privacy policy on the Service and use the Service after agreeing to the contents.

Article29(Internet connection)

In order to use this service, it is necessary to connect to the Internet, and members' expenses and responsibilities shall be provided with the communication line, equipment, software and any other means necessary to use this service.
We do not provide any guarantee or involvement in the preparation, installation, and operation of the equipment described in the previous paragraph, nor support for members. In addition, we do not guarantee that this service conforms to all devices.
In the process of using this service, members understand that they may go through various networks, and depending on the type of connected networks and devices, etc., to connect to or pass through them You understand that the content of data, signals, etc. may be changed before using this service.
The entry, request, purchase, withdrawal, and other procedures performed by members via the Internet line are effective as soon as the data regarding the procedure is sent to the server of the Company and the content of the procedure is reflected in the Company's system. It shall be established.

Article30(PCI DSS)

We will comply with PCI DSS requirements when storing, processing or transmitting information about the buyer's credit card.

Article31(Stolen or lost devices)

In the event that a member such as a smartphone used to use the Service is stolen or lost, or if the member's account information is spoofed or leaked, or there is a possibility of other unauthorized use of the Service. The member shall immediately carry out the procedure for stopping the use of the service prescribed by the company.

Article32(Compensation for damages and delayed damages)

• If a member violates the Terms and Conditions, regardless of intention or negligence, the member shall bear all responsibility, including liability for damages to the member and third parties who suffered damages for the violation.
• If the member does not pay the service fee specified in the Terms and any other obligation to be paid to the Company in using the Service, he / she will be charged the delay from the next day of the payment date to the payment date. We will pay the amount of the delayed amount multiplied by 14.6% to the Company.


• Notices and communications from the Company to Members regarding the Service will be made by posting on appropriate sites within the website or application operated by the Company, or by a method that the Company judges as appropriate.
• We do not take any responsibility for damage caused by undelivered or delayed notification and communication from us.
• If a member needs to notify, contact or inquire with us, we will use the contact form of this service. Member may not make phone calls or visits.

Article34(Contractual status)

• Member shall, without prior written consent of the Company, assign, transfer, secure, lease or otherwise dispose of the contractual status under this Agreement or the rights or obligations under this Agreement to a third party. Can not do.
• When we transfer the business to a third party, the information related to the member's contractual status based on the terms of this agreement, the rights and obligations based on the terms and membership registration the Company may transfer to the assignee of the business, and the Member shall consent to such transfer in advance.


• Jurisdiction of this term shall be in Japan.
• The Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court shall be the court of exclusive agreement for the first trial for disputes concerning the Terms, etc. or the Service.